Business Automation

There are many types of automation that can help a business become more efficiently run. Automations save time and money and make your job easier.

Evaluation of Pain Points

The first step in automation is to evaluate your pain points. What is slowing you down at work frequently? What repetitive tasks are your employees not fulfilling? Tedious tasks that you wish you didn’t have to do?

One of our medical offices told us in passing that handing out new clients paperwork was clogging up the reception desk, so we created a QR code for them to scan and a secure website to handle the paperwork, which then fed the data into their software. Another client had his technicians missing certain aspects when giving quotes, losing upselling opportunities. Yet another has so many old reports on his computer that the hard drive was constantly filling up, slowing the entire system down.

These are some of many problems that we can handle with automation. Once we understand your pain points, we can come up with automation solutions to help relieve them.

Business Processes

Line of business processes can help save you time on tedious tasks that steal your valuable time. Like the client who’s employees were missing upselling opportunities found out, a well thought out plan using technology can save or even make you money.


Anything that your computers need regularly, we can script. From archiving or backing up outdated files, to filling forms, and much more, scripting your computer’s tasks makes your machine run better and saves you time and headaches. We script tasks for our service plan clients on a regular basis.

Smart Tech

Smart Tech is fun! Over the last few years, we’ve been turning our house into a smart home. We’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it. From simple smart tech projects like thermostats or light switches, to having Siri turn on your lights and start your coffee when you pull into the parking lot, we can help automate your physical location in many helpful ways.

Machine Learning / AI

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence is still in it’s infancy, but there are a variety of ways that we are already using it every day such as surveillance systems and even marketing. We expect this market to grow exponentially in the coming years and we are making sure we are in the position to continue growing our AI/ ML offerings as they become available.

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