Branding, Rebranding & the Importance of Consistent Content

Branding your new business

Branding is one of the most important topics that is often overlooked by new business owners. You know your product or service and you have a dream to make it happen. Taking the time and spending the money to properly brand your business is typically overlooked or under valued. But would McDonald’s be what they are without those golden arches?

Your brand can make or break your business. Logos, favicons, colors and consistency across platforms should work harmoniously to make your business (once established, of course) instantly recognizable. On a daily basis, we work with companies that have different logos on their websites and social media. T-Shirts and business cards that don’t match up. If a customer looks at your Facebook page and gets directed to a website that looks nothing like what they see on Facebook, you run a risk of them thinking they are on the wrong website.

We were guilty of this, too! You should check out our first logo and slogan! Trouble Computin’? Just call Wooten! Where’s a face palm emoji when you need one? But that leads to the next topic – rebranding.

There was zero consistency in our branding! Happy was yellow and silver, the walls were blue, our website was a hot mess! You’re welcome to laugh with us!

Re-branding your business the right way

As an established business owner, you’ve learned a LOT of lessons! If you are reading this, probably one of them is that branding is really, really important! The colors you use matter – a lot! Your logo matters a lot! Your business name also matters a lot. The problem is that by the point we are settled into our businesses enough to start worrying about branding, we already have websites (that the search engines are already familiar with), we have shirts, and cards, and 20,000 of the pens that come in the mail weekly and so much more. It’s HARD to re-brand!
When you rebrand, you have to think of everything so that you make it as seamless as possible for your customers and the search engines. If you are not a household name, you really have to take re-branding seriously.
Woo-10 Tech is our second revision since the Happy days. We’ve done it for plenty of other customers as well, so when the day comes that you are ready, I promise, I will steer you clear of any Happy-like branding nightmares!

Brand Consistency

Yes, your mother was correct, consistency is key! You have to use the same logo – or a variation of the logo, the same colors, the same fonts, the same voice, the same everything across platforms! Brand consistency is a real thing. It creates recognition, trust and manages brand perception. All of these things are imperative for growing a business. This is why companies pay large amounts of money for branding their businesses. We have experience in building brands for small businesses – and doing it right, without the hefty price tag.

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